Thursday, February 17, 2011

One Mother's Trash, Another Mother's Treasure....

I thrift. I garage sale. I even pick things out of bulk trash. Yes, if I do not know where you live, chances are you could come over for supper to find the table you left on the curb under your dinner plate.

This afternoon I ran an errand and I happened upon a child sized pink piano in a bulk trash pile. I knocked on the front door to verify that it was trash. Indeed! One leg was broken and the boys and I replaced them with ikea furniture legs we had in the garage. It still needs some fresh paint and whitening on a few keys. Any suggestions on how to de-yellow those keys?

The majority of our income, after mortgage/utilities, we spend on groceries. I try to buy mostly organic meat, dairy, and produce. Our snack cupboard is filled with Trader Joe brands. I shop healthy, but am not on some mission to keep the kids process food free.  I embrace Costco hot dogs and pizza like it is a requirement when shopping at the store.

However, the hefty grocery bill I use to justify my reasons as to why I love turning trash into treasure. I think paying full price for furniture might actually kill me.

I have two Anthropologie gift cards burning a hole in my pocket. It is my favorite store, but I am afraid, the moment I use the gift cards, I will find the item used or learn how to make it myself. Yes, I rob ideas from Anthropologie. Etsy your not safe from my idea stealing either.

I actually prefer the term "borrowing" when using a found idea. I harbor no guilt on the matter because I won't ever sell the borrowed concept. Although, "stealing" seems more honest when I am swimming in compliments upon the completed project.


  1. I just discovered your blog. Love all the ideas and thoughts. Will be back!

    I also love that you are an idea-lifter. Me too. ;)

  2. Hannah. Ooo, I like the term idea-lifter....another term I must adopt. I just clicked on your blog. You had me at G12. I am a Canon addict and that is one that I really want to my bag. A powerful little camera that can fit in your purse! I will be keeping up with your blog!

  3. LOVE your blog...I just realized you had a personal one HA! So now that you are in central phx...we need to thrift together :)

  4. or if you wanna head to Anthro..I'm up for that too :) I heart that store...*sigh*

  5. Ashley. Thank you for stopping by, the homeschool blog is very new, so you have not missed much. Yes, I need to get out to Anthro one of these days...We should thrift soon.

  6. Lexi- It's not picking through bulk trash, It's Roadkill Rescue. Some great repurposing projects to be found that way!