Hello! My name is Alexandra. To the outside world I am known as a wife, mother, and photographer.

Behind the closed doors of my Phoenix home I am known as a short order cook, seamstress, teacher, upcycler, boo-boo medic, crime scene investigator, human lie detector, master snuggler, singer, maid, monster-under-the-bed checker, lego architect, plumber, gardener, and party planner.

The focus of this blog is exploring modern homeschool life and documenting our own homemade take on education and lifestyle. I have three children age five and under.

For myself, homeschooling is an unknown journey. Regardless of the extensive additions to my resume in the last five years, I feel underqualified and nervous. Nonetheless, the benefits of homeschooling outweigh the fear of failure and ruining the educational future of my children. (Side Note: You will most likely find poor spelling and grammar on this blog. If it is above Kindergarten level in 2011 and above Grade 12 level in 2024, things should be going well for my children)

Holding my breath, I set forth on this journey. My hope is that the documentation of this voyage will aid in the accountability of my own teaching and also serve as a testimony to others traveling on this same path.