Saturday, February 19, 2011

Etsy for Education

The internet is a main resource for many modern homeschool families. Lesson plans, research, educational videos, prints, are among the countless homeschool materials that one can acquire through a google search. Etsy is a growing resource for educational items. The site offers many handmade educational items ranging from toys to wall art. The majority of educational items sold on etsy are usually geared at children 0-6 years of age. 

Mothers in all seasons of life appear to dominate the etsy educational selling market. Many sellers open their etsy shop because their items have proven to be a success with their own children. New items are added hourly, the concepts are limitless. Etsy-loving homeschool moms also use the site as a source of inspiration for future projects.

Felt is the material of choice with an abundant of educational shops offering a variety of felt based items. The eco-friendly handmade toys pictured are by Evgie from Play to Learn. She hand embroiders the stuffed learning toys. The is such structure in her formation. My whimsical technique will keep her items safe from my "idea-lifting" ways. Her one dozen eggs counting toy is worth squealing over and would brighten any basket this spring.


  1. love love love those!! Aubrey got a basket of some cloth fruits and veggies....but how stikin adorable are the letters!

  2. so clever and adorable!