Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Is it Cool to Be in School?

I love our homeschool space. My kindergartener gets pretty pumped about working in the room. But, my younger children are just not ready for that amount of structure. I imagine it is easier to birthday wrap a live duck than to keep the under three crowd back there (and out of trouble) for 2.5 hours.

I am working on making a play corner in the connecting room. My sister-in-law converted her stairway closet into play area for her youngest child. She revealed the concept to me as being very effective in the success of educating her older children. I am learning that a variety of homeschool households use this method.

In the meantime, I am embracing the idea of doing our lessons in the rest of the house. It is easier to keep tabs on the whole crew. Also, Tad did not hide in his closet and polish off a box of cereal like yesterday. Currently, it is most successful and the whole family seems in brighter spirits.

I am considering converting an armoire into a kitchen homeschool storage cabinet. I have also met a number of families who do not use a distinctive place in their home to conduct school. These parents exclaim their methods work best for their immediate stage of life.

Both methods appeal to me and I am wondering if there are any homeschool families who have mastered using both methods in their home. I would love to hear about these and other successful methods, please contact us to share your concepts and remember,  pictures are always an A+.

Photo above: Tad and his coyote hat. We are doing a desert unit. For this project we used scrap fabric, cardstock, googlie eyes, and faux leather cut from an old checkbook cover. The boys howled like coyotes until bedtime. This photo was taken at 11a.m. Bedtime is at 8p.m.

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